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Get acquainted with the medical treatments our partner clinics offer abroad.

Cosmetic Dental Treatment in Europe

The dentistry abroad treatments cover affordable dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers and root canal treatment. We only work with the best available cosmetic dentistry clinics so that we can ensure you receive excellent care in every aspect of your treatment abroad.

Dentistry abroad is no longer a novelty. While you might have heard about it, have you considered going for cosmetic dental treatment abroad in Europe? We've come across many cases where people were looking for a dentist abroad and didn't know where to start. The answer is with Qdays Medical Holidays. Dental tourism was our first field of interest and has remained at the core of our agency. While you're in Romania for cosmetic dental treatment, why not take up the opportunity to do some exploring? Your case manager will be happy to take you through all the holiday options that will make your cosmetic dental treatment in Romania both a holiday as well as a successful cosmetic dental treatment experience in Europe.

From the initial contact, you will be fully aware of the costs associated with your cosmetic dental treatment abroad so that there is no confusion when it comes to the price for cosmetic dental treatment. While you are of course more comfortable with your dentist back home, the specialists we work with are regarded as being the very best at their profession. When choosing dentistry abroad in Europe, you have to be fully informed - dental tourism should be safe as well as affordable! Have a look at the clinic presentations that we put together, and you will meet our partners in detail. In preparing for your cosmetic dental treatment abroad, we'll give you a detailed dental treatment plan so that you know what your dentist will be doing on every day giving you plenty of time to think about what you want to do with your spare time.

Read more on our Dentistry Abroad section to understand how a good dentist abroad can turn your cosmetic dental treatment into long lasting savings.

Laser Eye Surgery

Our laser eye surgery abroad in Europe partners offer treatments ranging from eye lid surgery to cataract and glaucoma surgery. Laser Eye Surgery Abroad is picking up due the great results our laser eye surgery clinic has had over the last years. With laser cataract eye surgery you're flying back home in no time at all and you've spend a fraction of what laser eye surgery back home would have cost.

Plastic Surgery Clinic

The cosmetic surgery abroad section offers information on breast augmentation surgery, liposuction surgery, tummy tuck, facelift, rhinoplasty, ear correction, eye bags surgery. Have a look at their clinical cases, with before and after pictures on various plastic surgery procedures. Cosmetic surgery in Europe is becoming more and more sought after due to the quality of the plastic surgery clinics, and the affordable plastic surgery abroad cost. With medium recovery times, we'll be here to look after you and make sure everything you need is at hand while you recover from having cosmetic surgery abroad.

Orhtopedic Surgery

The most common procedures done at the orthopedic surgery abroad clinic are: knee replacement and hip replacement surgery, forefoot surgery, knee arthroscopy meniscectomy surgery, knee arthroscopy and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery. Overall our orthopedics partner is on top of any other private clinic in Romania dealing in hip replacement surgery or knee replacement surgery. When booking through us, your orthopedic surgery abroad in Europe becomes stress-free. Whether you're looking for hip replacement abroad or knee replacement abroad, or any other procedure in the orthopedic surgery field, you're sure to feel comfortable with us.

You'll find details of the cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic surgery, orthopedic surgery and laser eye surgery clinics, the doctors that will be involved with your treatment abroad plan, their experience and some difficult clinical cases they've successfully dealt with. You'll find pictures of the facilities and the friendly medical team in every clinic we partner. So you can convince yourself that treatment abroad may be the answer to your problems - both medical and financial!

Feel free to look around this part of our website, compare the prices and convince yourself that our partners are true professionals in their fields, from cosmetic dentistry abroad, to laser eye surgery and from hip replacement surgery or knee replacement surgery to plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery abroad in Europe.

Remember to contact us if anything is unclear, or if you need more information.